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Alvin Koh

Throughout the seven years of our relationship, McSpicy has been our comfort food and motivation, even from our student days at NUS. McSpicy is our "happy meal". One year into our marriage, we are still lovin’ it.

Ben Chng

My mum and me at McDonald’s. Now that I am a working adult, it is my turn to take my parents to McDonald’s.

Carmen Chan

So many precious moments over the years at McDonald’s - from birthday parties to simple hangouts after school. McDonald’s King Albert Park was a favourite hangout spot.

Christy Goh

Raising four children on her own was not easy for my mum. Lucky for us, she has supportive sisters who would occasionally treat my siblings and me to a meal at McDonald’s. Although we would share one burger among four of us, those were still among the best moments for us.

Fu Peifang

Our parents would take us to McDonald's for a treat. As parents, my sister and I take our kids to McDonald's for the Happy Meal. their happy meals. The kids love receiving the toys, just like my sister and me when we were young.

Fu Peiyi

At our favourite hangout place with the cousins. We still enjoy hanging out together at McDonald’s.

Goh Hsiao Teen

Stealing a break from wedding photoshoot in 2007. Couples who drink together stays together.

Grace Ng

My son on his third birthday in 1996 at McDonald’s King Albert Park. He was wearing his favourite T-shirt printed with McDonald’s characters.

Ivy Lim

I was maybe eight or nine years old and it was the first time I had my birthday party at McDonald’s. I felt special when the crew presented me with McDonald's birthday gift. I had so much fun that day.

Jasmine Seow

With my oldest child outside McDonald’s King Albert Park in 1990. Now he’s 29 and he has three siblings. Our family still love our trips to McDonald’s.

Jo Chua

On weekends, I take my kids to McDonald’s for breakfast. They always look forward to it.

Joe Lim

This was my younger sister's birthday party at McDonald's Woodlands in the 1980s. The branch has closed down but we will always remember it as it was a big place at a cozy corner on Old Woodlands Centre Road. It had an indoor playground where I loved to play hide and seek with my friends.

Jui Teo

At a birthday party at McDonald’s Liat Towers on 18 July 1986. It’s a wonderful party, decorated with balloons and buntings. What a memory!

Ng Jun Jie

My brother and me with our McDonald's Happy Meal toys. Now we are working adults but we still make it a point to have breakfast together at McDonald's or McCafe on weekends.

Noorsyahida Jumat

My firstborn with Ronald McDonald at Terminal 2 on 20 Sept 2013, before he boarded his first flight.

Rachel Low

Surprise Visit from Ronald McDonald at AMK Centre on 11 May 2014.

Rick Tan

My cousin and me at his birthday party at McDonald’s East coast. It's been 28 years and I’m still reminded of this moment when I take my kids to McDonald’s.

Samantha Bolron

My son placed a french fry between his lips to create a smiley face, to make me laugh. It was a happy moment, a meal with my family at McDonald’s after I got discharged from hospital.

Sean Sia

Celebrating my brother's birthday 20 years ago, at a Mcdonald's party. Kept in Mcdonald's plastic file from 1998! We still eat Mcdonald's on our birthdays. Some things never change.

Umi Hasman

Our first encounter with Birdie, Hamburglar, Grimace and Ronald at our favourite McDonald’s branch at West Coast Park. A memorable moment for my sister and me.

Lee Bin Hwee

Twenty years ago, McDonald's was already the kids' favourite funland. Jiemin is photographed holding his favourite McDonald's toy. These happy moments at McDonald's will always be part of our family's good memories.

Cynthia Ng

Celebrated my birthday in 2001 at King Albert Park McDonald’s with some close ex-colleagues. I have lost touch with them over the years. This photo brings back good memories. Wish everyone in the photo happy, healthy and everything well!

Chandra Franky

I will always remember this lady who has been so kind to cheer up my son, Christian, since he was 16 months old. She is the reason why I take Christian to McDonald’s at Hillion Mall almost every day while waiting for my wife to come home from work. The place has definitely become our second home.

Huang Huifen

My birthday celebration in 2001 at MacDonald’s with my ex-colleagues. I have lost touch with them over the years. These photos really bring back great memories to cherish.

Esther Kam Sio Theng

A Family Fun Day with Ronald McDonald at West Coast Park in 2014. We played games, made kites, and had photo opportunities with Ronald McDonald. It was the first time we saw him in person! It was a fun and memorable day for us.


The little girl in the picture, taken outside Plaza Singapura in mid-1990s, is my daughter. She would run towards the Ronald McDonald's figure and hug it whenever we went to McDonald's for a meal.


In 1991, I went on a school excursion to McDonald's at United Square. I still remember the highlights of the tour: the huge freezer in the kitchen and the Happy Meal at the end of the tour. Today, the McDonald's outlet is still there, the store layout and signage have changed but the memories will always remain close to my heart.

Balasubramaniam Rajendrakumar

Ten years ago, when my daughter was two years old, I took her to watch the National Day Parade. On our way home, we stopped at McDonald’s for a meal. To this day, whenever my daughter feels sad, my wife and I would buy her McDonald’s fries and it’d cheer her up.

Darryl Goh

As a commonwealth kid, I got street cred by frequenting Ridout Tea Gardens, home to the most aesthetic McDonald's ever!

Steven Wong

My son's first birthday celebration at McDonald’s in 1988. As proud first-time parents, we wanted to share the joy with relatives and friends. The day was filled with fun games and good food.

Andrew Kong

The Grand Opening of the East Coast Park McDonalds outlet in the 1980s.

Ivan Koh

This picture was taken the Punggol Safra McDonalds some time back. There are four generations of females who all wanted to go to McDonald’s. It's a place that brings families together and also where memories are made, especially for my two children.

Joyce Lim

My first McDonald's experience in 1992. That's me in pink, sitting beside my mum. I was barely two years old. Over the years, my family remains close-knit and we bond over meals.

Ng Pui Lam

It was every kid's dream to have a birthday party at Mcdonald’s. I was fortunate enough to have my eighth birthday there. All my friends joined in and we had fun. I loved the toys and exclusive birthday presents.

Margaret Tee

When my daughter was three years old, she was happiest riding on merry-go-rounds! I remember we would spend every Friday at McDonald’s and she wouldn't want to leave.


What I would give to taste that cake again! My fifth birthday party back in 1996 with my kindergarten class.

Tan Wei Sien

I like to take my family to McDonald's to eat together. I personally love the burgers.

Tina Lim

I was so proud to invite my friends to my birthday party at McDonalds. I was six and lost my baby teeth, so I told myself to give a tight-lipped smile whenever I saw the camera.

Apphia Neo

If you ask anyone born in the 1990s, they probably would agree that it was cool to have a McDonald's birthday party. My parents spoilt me with one. This party at the old King Albert Park McDonald's holds a special place in my heart.

Asmida Asmanoe

We had a fabulous birthday celebration at McDonald's when my daughter was two years old. To this day, she remembers the birthday cake with Ronald McDonald on it. The birthday party is one of her fondest memories.

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