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Hello, Singapore

The first McDonald's in Singapore opens at Liat Towers on Orchard Road, setting a world record for the most hamburgers served in a day and introducing a whole new food culture. The record is broken by the opening of McDonald's in Beijing, China, in the 1990s.

Cool comforts

People's Park Complex represents the start of Singaporeans' love affair with modern malls. The first air-conditioned, multi-development complex, it also houses McDonald's first restaurant in a shopping mall.

Cool comforts


They've been serving up smiles since their Liat Towers days. Find out why they're still lovin' it.



10,000 Big Macs sold

Schoolboy Lim Chang Teck buys the one millionth hamburger sold since the opening of McDonald's in Singapore. He receives a commemorative "gold" Big Mac and a year's supply of the burger (52 coupons).

is for Mama

At McDonald's East Coast Park, a little girl shares her favourite fries with her mum. As families head out to celebrate Mother's Day, some restaurants get so crowded, it is at least an hour's wait for a table.


Frequent fries

On Aug 29, McDonald's opens at Changi Airport, which replaces Paya Lebar Airport as Singapore's new international airport.

Drive through
Drive through

Meals on wheels

The first McDonald's Drive-Thru opens at East Coast Park, serving thousands daily. Smaller wheels work, too — in 2003, the outlet introduces the first McDonald’s Skate-Thru service. This innovative concept is also the first in the history of McDonald’s worldwide.

More hands on deck

More hands on deck

McDonald's starts recruiting mature workers and housewives to cover the shifts of younger crew during school examination periods. To ensure that ‘uncles and aunties’ integrate well into the system, McDonald’s adjusts its HR policy and work environment to include increased automation, greater use of graphics, simplified training programmes and bilingual training aids. Today, McDonald’s hires people from all backgrounds, giving them training and career opportunities.


Giving back

Ronald McDonald Children's Charities (since renamed as Ronald McDonald House Charities) is set up to support the well-being of sick children in Singapore. To date, it has helped more than 1,000 needy children here with their medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatment costs, amounting to over S$5 million in grants.


Eat and play

The first Ronald McDonald Playplace opens at Redhill. Many families also fondly remember the Playplace at the old McDonald's East Coast Park restaurant.

Eat and play
Royal affair

Royal Affair

The two-storey McDonald’s King Albert Park outlet opens and quickly becomes the preferred hangout for students from the many schools around Bukit Timah.


Healthy habits

McDonald's introduces nutritional information on its menus as Singaporeans become more health-conscious. Today, its Eat Light menu makes it easier for customers to pick a light meal that’s under 500 calories.

A Day in Singapore

Singapore's most famous granny appears in a McDonald's ad — the first to feature all four official languages in one ad.

A Day In Singapore

Going halal

McDonald's goes halal to reach out to the Muslim community.

Going halal

Going halal

How kiasu are you?

More than a fear of losing out, kiasuism is almost a survival instinct. In an ode to this competitive streak and local cartoon icon Mr Kiasu, McDonald's launches the Kiasu Burger, along with four collectible action figurines.


After a long hiatus, Mr Kiasu is back. Artist Johnny Lau chats about kiasuism, #FOMO, and how the Kiasu Burger — McDonald's first fully Singaporean burger — turned Mr Kiasu into a household name.



Out-of-town experience

Kampung Burger — a chicken burger with a pineapple ring and tangy salsa — takes Singapore by storm.

Out-of-town experience

Currying flavour

Chicken McNuggets get dressed in curry sauce — a dip that can be found only at McDonald’s in Singapore.

Currying flavour

"We do fried chicken better"

Chicken McCrispy launches in Singapore — its first foray in bone-in chicken with a flash-fried and steam-marinate cooking method.


Feline frenzy

McDonald's launches the 'Wedding Design' Hello Kitty plush toy promotion. The toys spark a queueing frenzy, with lines forming as early as the night before. In total, 2.8 million toys are sold during this period.


Meet Mr Tay Swee Hock, the superfan with a few thousand McDonald's toys in his collection.



Breakfast for champions

Chicken SingaPorridge sets a local tone for the day with a wholesome, heart-warming breakfast.

Breakfast for champions

Coffee culture

The first McCafe opens at McDonald's Great World City.

Coffee culture


The Excellent Service Award is a national award that celebrates individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty in delivering exceptional service to customers. In 2004, McDonald’s Singapore wins the coveted SuperStar award for the first time, repeating the feat in 2005, 2006, 2012 and 2014.

Huat ah

Huat ah!

Prosperity Burger is introduced in Singapore. Combined with curly fries, it quickly becomes the meal to look forward to every Chinese New Year.

Spice of life

McSpicy levels up with a thicker chicken patty and sizzles up the local market. Today, it is McDonald's top-selling burger.

Spice of life

Turning 24/7

McDonald's introduces restaurants that open round the clock to meet the needs of night owls.

Delivering happiness

McDonald's becomes the first quick-service restaurant to launch a 24-hour delivery service.

Delivering happiness

Mum-approved Happy Meals

Launches Happy Meal Choices with wholesome bites, so that parents can mix and match a three-piece meal for their kids. New options include corn cup, apple slices, iced Milo and low-fat, high-calcium milk.

Healthier Happy Meals
Birthday bonus

Birthday bonus

McDonald’s birthday parties were first launched in Singapore in 1980, several months after the opening of the Liat Towers outlet. In 2010, The Straits Times covered the trend of "big kids" having their birthday parties at McDonald's — young adults who may have missed out on these parties when younger, or those looking for a dose of nostalgia.


Going green

McDonald's Jurong Central Park becomes the first restaurant in Singapore to be awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award, the highest accolade in the newly created Green Mark for restaurants.



The Ronald McDonald House, a "four-room apartment" in the National University Hospital, opens its doors to parents whose children are in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency wards.

Complete with facilities like a pantry, resting areas and shower facilities, it provides families with a place to rest and stay close to their hospitalised child — all at no cost.


Mum recalls the support received as her child battled rare disease with courage.


Farewell, KAP

Farewell, KAP

The King Albert Park outlet was where many young people had their first dates, students crammed for their examinations, and families bonded. After 23 memorable years, it bids farewell on 17 March, with McDonald’s staff and customers coming together for the big send-off.

Learning a latte

McDonald's sets up its first training cafe for Institute of Technical Education students to give them more hands-on work experience.

50 shades of meow 50 shades of meow 50 shades of meow

50 shades of meow

In conjunction with SG50, McDonald's launches commemorative Hello Kitty plush collectibles, which include Samsui Woman, Trishaw Uncle and Durian-lover kitty.

50 shades of meow

Sea, sand, sundae

After a four-year hiatus, McDonald's at East Coast Park reopens at Marine Cove. The new flagship restaurant is one of the first with self-ordering kiosks. Aside from the regular menu, it also offers a salad bar, a special McCafe dessert spread, as well as interactive play for children.

Sea, sand, sundae


Sea, sand, sundae
Nasi Lemak Burger

Nasi Lemak Burger

Launched ahead of National Day, the Nasi Lemak Burger pays homage to traditional local fare, in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2017. All 750,000 burgers sell out in 10 days.

The GEL that binds

McDonald's introduces the Guest Experience Leader (affectionately known as GEL) — employees tasked with taking special care of customers, especially families with kids. From welcoming customers into the restaurant to finding a table, the GEL makes everyone feel at home with his or her warm hospitality.

National hiring day

Over 700 McDonald’s employees gather for a mass hiring drive to look for their future colleagues, while about 120 participating outlets conduct back-of-house tours for candidates.

National hiring day McDonald


McDonald's celebrates its 40th anniversary in Singapore with its new TV commercial, Come Home To McDonald's.

Big on taste, less in sugar

In support of the government’s war on diabetes, McDonald’s partners Coca-Cola to provide lower-sugar beverages in its outlets.

Happy reading

McDonald's Happy Meals now come with the option of a book from an exclusive series by Cressida Cowell, author of How To Train Your Dragon. Ronald McDonald and other storytellers bring books to life at storytelling sessions at selected outlets.

Tap for Happiness!

McDonald’s® launches the new McDonald’s® App to connect with customers, by offering personalised deals. The App also incorporates functions like McDelivery®, My Feedback, Restaurant Locator and nutritional information.

McDonald's moments

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